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So centrifuge technology Co., Ltd. is located in Baoshan City Industrial Park, separating machinery industry association member units. So centrifuge technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of various high speed tubular centrifuge centrifuge manufacturing and high-tech enterprises, the company attaches importance to management, marketing and technical talent introduction and training, the existing 200 employees, management and technical personnel of the total number of 25%, director of the original x centrifuge technology center to join the the company, so that the company has a certain authority in the centrifuge tube industry. The company has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, all kinds of machine tools, measuring instruments, dynamic balancing machines more than 100 Taiwan, strictly the quality assurance system, with domestic and foreign advanced technology, to ensure product quality and reliability.

So centrifuge technology Co., Ltd. the spirit of continuous innovation, service end purpose, purchased for the user equipment, the company responsible for installation and commissioning, on-site guidance and training work, until it is put into production, hope new and old customers come to visit, let us join hands and work together to create brilliant.